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Aug. 14, 1870: was organized and constituted in Wise Co. Va.

Sat. Sept. 4, 1870: Sent Delegates to Oven fork Churchto request that Elder Wilson be granted to serve as Pastor.

Sat. Oct. 4,1870 : Request was granted and Elder Wilson Church was received as Pastor of Cane Patch Church.

Feb. 1st. Sat. 1871: Changed meeting time from fourth to first Saturday and Sunday.

Aug. !st. Say. 1884: John Sturgill ordained as Elder.

Sept. 1st. Sat 1875: Received by letter - Elder Wilson Church and wife Rachel and Sister Jane Church

Apr. 1st. Sat. 1876: Chose William Stidham and Skyler Stidham as Deacons.

June 1st Sat. 1879: Granted an arm to the Wiley Garden School for a monthly meeting to be held at the school house on the fourth Saturday and Sundaynof each month.

March 1st. Sat. 1872: Elder Wilson Church and John Sturgill were sent to aid in constituting a church at Crab Orchard in Lee County, Virginia.

Feb. 1st. Sat. 1883: Ordained William Robinett and Henry Wells.

April 1st. Sat. 1884: An arm was extended to Mouth of Callahan's Creek to be held on the 3rd. Sat. & Sun. of each month. Sent to establish it was Martin Stidham, Joel Sturgill and Andrew Sturgill. It was constituted on the 3rd. Sat of April, 1984. John Sturgill ,was to attend as pastor.

June 1st. Sat. 1885: Elder Wilson Church and others were sent to duly constitute the arm at The Mouth of Callahan as a fully functioning Church.

Feb. 1887: Members were dismissed by lettet to constitute the Church Wiley Garden School House.

Dec. 1901: Agreed to meet at Frank's Creek School in Letcher County Kentucky. until further agreements.

There was no meeting in Januaey but the next meeting was held at the school in

Feb: 1902. Next meeting was to be held at Levi Boggs School House.

The first union meeting of record began Friday before the first Saturday in October 1902. Elders requested were William Robinett, D. H. Riner and J. C. Smith.

Oct. 1902: M.K. Church and John Sturgill ordained as Deacons.


Friday: Prayer by Elder D. S. Kindrick followed with preaching by Elders W. M. Robinett, J. C. Smiith and D. S. Kindrick

Saturday: Prayer by Elder J. C. Smith with preaching by Elders-- William Robinett, D. S. Kindrick and J. C. Smith.

Sunday: Prayer by W. M. Robinett with preaching by--J. C. Smith, D. S. Kindrich and William Robinett.

At October meeting a committee was sent to speak to Elder John Sturgill concerning misconduct. If he failed to give satisfaction, they were to demand his credentials.

Dec. 1902: The committee reported unsatisfactory results in the meeting with Elder John Sturgill. It was agreed to continue the reference to the next meeting. The next day after prayer and preaching it was agreed to recind the act of the previous day and dismiss Elder John Sturgill from fellowship until he gives satisfaction for not attending his church meeting and joining Oven Fork Church which has declared non-fellowship with Cane Patch and would not receive his letter which was given him by Cne Patch Church.

May 1904: It was reported that the 0ld records had been copied in a new book.

At this time I do not know the location of this copy.

Feb. 1910: Brother J. H. Stallard of Sulphur Springs Church presented a letter frim said Church requesting a committee to assist in settling a difficulty in the Church between Brother Joshua Mullins and Sister Luena Bowling. The Cane Patch Church appointed a committee consisting of Elder Wilson Church, Brothers J.M. Boggs, James Maggard, H. C. Boggs and John Maggard to meet with Sulphur Springs at their third Saturday meeting in February.

Future meetings gave no record of the results of this meeting.

July 1910: Due to the failure of the Deacon's wives to be present, the Sacrement meeting was postponed until the first Sat. & Sun of October.

June 1912 (5th. Sat.) Received a letter from Thornton Church requesting a committee from Cane Patch Church to sit with them on Thursday and Friday before the 2nd. Saturday in Julu 1912 with other brethren from other Churches to sit as a council in a trouble that exists between Elder Joseph Hall and Robert Blair. The Church appointed Elder Wilson Church, Brothers H.C. Boggs and Thurston Mullins to visit Thornton Church and only give advice if said trouble comes before the council in gospel order.

From 1916 to June 1925, H.C. Boggs was clerk. Record keeping was eratic. only about twelve meetings wewr recorded in the Church book.

June 1925: Moved that the next meeting be held at Joe Mullins School House.

After this very few records have been found until,

July 1926: ( 4th. Sat.) On motion by Jack Sturgill, the Church agreed to letter to the Washington Association of Regular Primitive Baptiston the account of The Three Forks of Powell River association departed from the faith, doctrine and and practice. With the understanding that we the members of the Cane Patch Church claim to be standing with the doctrine, faith and practice that we were constituted on.Therefore we claim to be orthodox.For this reason we have appointed our beloved brethren, to wit.. Elder Wilson Church, Brothers Jack Sturgill, M. K. Church and Johnie Maggard to bear this letter to the Washington Association.

Although I have no record of which Cane Patch Church moved to Gilley School House, the only book record is the first Saturday of April 1926.

Aug. 1926-- 4th Sat.-- In response to the door to receive members, Viola Church, Rebecca Hounshell and Catherine Churchh responded.. Received by Reccomendation.

1st. Sat May 1927: Martha Niece was received by Letter,

1st. Sat. July 1928: W. H. Riggs was appointed Assistant Pastor.

4th. Sat. May 1932: Mary Church and Nancy Church Received.

4th. Sat. July 1932: Met at Flat Gap, Virginia.

4th. Sat. Sept. 1932: Pat Church and Nora Short Received.

The last record of Elder Wilson Church moderating a meeting was November (2nd. Sat.) 1931 .

He was chosem as Pastor when the Church was organized in August 1870. He served in that capacity until his death on Feb. 2nd. 1932.He served for a total of 61 years and 4 months.

Feb 1933 (4th. Sat.)Again met at Gilley School. At this meeting and July meeting made reference to ordaining Brother Pat Church as Deacon, exactly when it took place was not noted.

although no record of W. H Riggs being installed as Pastor at that time, he was moderator of record from the time of Elder Wilson Churches Death.

The first recorded presence of Elder Joseph Craft was in preaching at the meeting of Feb. (4th. Sat.) 1935.

The first record with S. M. Adams was May (4th. Sat.) 1935.

Sept. 1935: Henry Niece Recd. by Exp. and Bapt.July 1937: Elder W. H. Riggs was released as moderator. Elder W. M Dotson was appointed Moderator with Elder J. E. Craft as assistant.

This was the first time of record of an assistant maderator.

George Church was received by baptism.

August 1938 (1st. Sat.): The Church agreed to letter up to the Washington Association and ask for a letter of dismission. Appointed Bros. Johnnie Maggard, Pat Church, George Church and Jack Sturgill to bear the letter. The request was granted and the same brethren were to take it to the Union Association Friday before the third Sat. in Sept. 1938 at Union Church Pike Co. Kentucky.The letter and messengers were received and given the right hand of fellowship.

The move was not due to any disagreement with Washington Association but was a move to strengthen the Union Association.