Cane Patch Primitive Baptist Church, Pound, VA
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Brief History

Cane Patch Church is a member of the Original Washington District Primitive Baptist Association.  It was organized on August 14, 1870 in the Three forks of Powell River Association. On the fourth Saturday of September a committee was sent to Oven Fork Church to request the service of Elder Wilson Church as Pastor. The petition was granted as of the 4th Saturday in October 1870.

The church remained in this Association until 1926, when it moved to membership in Washington Association due to the emergence of the Universalism Doctrine in that Association. The church remained with Washington until 1938 when it was received in the Union Association. The move was not due to any problem but was an act which was to add strength to Union Association. It remained with Union until 1962 when it returned to the Washington Association. This move was due to a division of the church caused by the “Whole Man Doctrine” (perfection of the flesh).  For more detailed History see minutes.

Church Pastors

Elder                                   From                                 To

Wilson Church                   September. 1870             February. 1932

W.R. Riggs                         March 1932                      July 1937

W. M. Dotson                     July 1937                          April 1940

J.E. Craft                            April 1940                        June 1941

Andy James                       June 1941                        October 1944

E.S. Stevens                      October 1944                  May 1945

J.E. Craft                            June 1945                        November 1950

Anderson Craiger              November 1950              August 1955

Joseph Church                  August 1955                     October 1975

Victor N. Church                October 1975                   Present