Cane Patch Primitive Baptist Church, Pound, VA
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Organized August 14, 1870


Being constituted on the above principles, we give ourself to the Lord and one another in covenant. Promising by the assistance of Divine Grace toward each other as brethren in Christ, to watch over each other in the work of God and especially to attend our Church meetings. To live orderly in our families and hold up the worship of God according to our several abilities.

2: we consider it disorder for any member to continue at a gathering where there is liquor longer than his necessary business requires. It is disorder for any member to leave his seat in time of Church council or session without liberty, to detect any minister of our order who shall preach doctrine contrary to the declaration of faith. 

AUGUST 14, 1870

The presbytery and the brethren who had petitioned their churches to be constituted as a new church for convenience met.
First: Elder M T Lips preached the introductory sermon.
Second: The members who had received from their churches to wit. Little Stone Gap to wit. Seleah Stidham ,James Stidham, Malindah Stidham, Andrew Sturgill, Nancy Sturgill, John Sturgill, Rebecca Sturgill, Adam Stidham, Susannah Stidham, George Parsons, Nancy Maggard, Carminda Stidham, Catherine Stidham, William Stidham, Gemimia Stidham, Willie Stidham, Cloeah A. Stidham, David Stidham, Cintha Lewis, and James Stidham, being an ordained Deacon  and all found in fellowship and being found sound in the faith, they are therefore considered qualified to do their own business, we by prayer constitute a Church in Christ known as  THE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH OF CANE PATCH.