Cane Patch Primitive Baptist Church, Pound, VA
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Constituted  August 14, 1870 in Wise County Virginia


1: We believe in one true and living God as revealed in the Bible by the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

2: We believe the old and new testaments are the word of God, and the only rule of all saving, knowledge and obedience.

3: We believe that man was created upright but has ruined himself by the fallen state. So it is impossible for him to recover himself by his own free will or ability.

4: We believe we are justified by the imputed righteousness of Christ and that we are regenerated and sanctified by the Spirit of God.

5: We believe in the doctrine of election according to the foreknowledge of God the Father through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth.

6: We believe of a truth that God is no respecter of persons but in every nation, he that feareth God and worketh is accepted with him.

7: We believe that the saints will persevere through Grace and finally never fall away.

8: We believe that baptism and the Lords supper are ordinances of Jesus Christ and believers are the only subjects proper, and the apostolic mode is immersion

9: We believe in the resurrection of the dead and a general judgment and that punishment of the wicked is everlasting and the joys of the righteous is eternal.
(1st.) WE believe the Church of Christ is composed of baptized believers and those only have a right to partake of the Lord's Supper.
(2nd.) We believe the officers of the Church or Churches are Elders (or Bishops ) and Deacons and they have no right to officiate until called by the Church , set apart by prayer and the laying on of hands of a presbytery.